Engage CSR 2010: stay tuned

28 giugno 2010

Even if I actually don’t have any problem in understanding english, I’ve never tried to write a post in this language.

To this day I’m convinced that the relevance of the blog’s topic (not of the blog itself, I’m not such a pundit), would require some more effort in order to spread the word in a better way and maybe to create some useful connections.

So here I am.
My first post in english deals with an event I came across here just yesterday, thanks to Fabian Pattberg, called: Engage CSR 2010.

Engage CSR 2010

It will take place online on the next Wednesday at 11:30AM or 5:30PM EST.
Registration here is needed to attend it.

The conference is about Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Media:

In today’s interconnected communications landscape where customers, consumers, investors and stakeholders can now interact directly with organizations, the underlying opportunities for engagement have never been greater. Simultaneously, the growth of corporate social responsibility has created a demand for timely information related to CSR initiatives.

Public and private companies, as well as nonprofit organizations, are increasingly leveraging social media to generate awareness for their social responsibility efforts.
How are leading brands and organizations showcasing their CSR activities in the social landscape?
What are the best practices for success?

In my humble opinion the agenda is pretty remarkable.
I think I’ll write about the panels I’ll be interested in, here, in the days following the event.

Well… stay tuned …


3 Responses to “Engage CSR 2010: stay tuned”

  1. Hi Daniele. Great post. Thanks for the mention as well.

    Looking forward reading the write up’s of the different panels.

    All the best,

  2. Daniele Righi Says:

    Thanks Fabian,

    I’m glad you read the post.

    Unfortunately, as I’m so interested in this subjects, I missed the Conference on CSR and Social Media that took place in Toronto on May 13th 2010 …

    So “thumbs up” for virtual conferences 🙂 …

  3. Absolutely. Virtual conferences are the way to go. 🙂


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