A chaotic teenager leads the future of CSR

28 luglio 2010

The video I’m going to reflect upon is just phenomenal (it is so motivating, and I don’t think “full of shit” as Loic Le Meur defines the speaker during the speech, obviously kidding and kindly trying to annoy him).

Maybe I’m a bit late as it’s about LeWeb 2009 … by the way the speaker is Gary Vaynerchuck.

Who’s Gary Vaynerchuck?!

Probably this name reminds something to some of you … but for those who don’t know him, here there are his websitehis book and a sentence from the video:

we live in a world where the platform, not fucking Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr [in which he’s investing at the moment], the internet, that thing, the internet, that’s 15 years old, by the way the consumer internet is only 15 years old, the fucking thing is it hasn’t had sex yet and it’s dominating.”  (That’s ALSO not just him.)

Actually he gives his best on stage during a talk, so if you’ve never watched him you HAVE TO remedy 😉

Gary speaks about passion, as always.
The passion is the only thing needed to run a business nowadays.

My hope is that people recognize how big this social shift is right now, how the cost of getting involved and building a business around what you love is so low.

However, the purpose of this post, is to exploit an anecdote he reports, to remark what, in my opinion, is the future not just of the CSR (that I hope will disappear soon – I probably will write on this topic later on) but of the entire organization: understanding the “art” of living the chaos, or managing stakeholders if you like.
Stakeholder Management, which overlaps (mainly in the CSR field) with the activity of engaging with stakeholders (“users” in Gary’s speech), is, in fact, the forge of the next future tools in this way.

Gary tells that while he was counselling the National Hockey League (NHL), he was claiming that the main issue in joining social network logic is the necessity to answer to everyone: to every post,  to every tweet,  to every message on the Facebook wall whoever decides to share.
These are:

consumer expectations“.

The NHL “guys”, he says, stared incredulous at him, thinking that it could have never been possible.

The point is, in Gary’s opinion, that if you’ve money (as NHL), you are favoured, so you can hire people for it.

Because you need to know that “the more you care, the more you care about your users and the more effort you’re putting into that, and don’t bullshit it, the more upside you have as a company. I firmly, firmly believe that.”

I think that something is missing here: the culture, the corporate culture.
You cannot demand to really engage with the real time web just delegating the management of the Facebook page, for instance, to some underpaid newcomers (in Italy we call them stageur).
The reason is that what is at stake is the firm’s reputation in her ecosystem.
It does matter.

Nevertheless Mr. Vaynerchuck is right:

when it starts ringing up on the radar it’s going to become culture. What I’m talking about right now is gonna be standard business practices in 5 years because of necessity. I’m just recommending people to get there first because it is an absolute differentiator.

Thus, how to fill the “platform usage gap” between a big slice of  stakeholders and the firm (every person in that)?

Lots of people are talking about it in the CSR field … I’m studying this (in regard to CSR too) …

What next?

Stay tuned …



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